About Us

Jenny and Koos

“We’re two ordinary people, awestruck by the beauty of our surroundings.
We love people, we love this place and we love sharing the wonder of it all.”

Koos and Jenny are retired medical scientists who had the great privilege of doing research into organ transplantation at Wits Medical School, at a time when South Africa was a world leader in the field.

In 1998, they sold their home in Johannesburg, left their busy professional lives (some thought they had taken leave of their senses) and retired to the tranquility of Rooi Els. Loathe to forfeit the pleasure and stimulation of interesting people, they designed their new home as a B&B where like-minded visitors could come to stay and share in the magic of Rooi Els.

We called it “Wonderlings” because for us it was a place to pause, consider and be filled with sheer wonderment at the natural beauty around us.

Wonderlings B&B - Rooi Els, Western Cape, South Africa - Phone: +27 (0) 28 273 8961 - Email: info@wonderlingsbandb.com